A transparent and honest approach is very logical for us


General association for Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU)

As a member of the ABU, we are financially reliable. For example, we are periodically checked for our payments for taxes and social insurance premiums and whether the document control is sufficiently careful. Twice a year we are audited by an accredited controlling institution.


Labor Standards Foundation (SNA)

Want 2 Work Employment Agency is also included in the register of the independent SNA. All financially reliable companies are included in this register. An assessment is made of, among other things, correct payroll taxes and turnover tax, wage payments that are not in conflict with the Minimum Wage Act and the correct execution of identity checks and are entitled to perform work in the Netherlands.


NEN 4400-1
The NEN standard 4400-1 contains requirements for testing companies that make personnel available, such as temporary employment agencies, payroll companies and subcontractors. The standard sets strict requirements for the personnel administration and payroll administration. It is checked whether these companies comply with all obligations arising from their business activity, the availability of work.